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  • Access control system for self-recovery fuse
  • Because access controller communication line is distributed, vulnerable to lightning invasion, so be sure to conduct mine access controller design We recommend using multi-level lightning protection design, first through the lightning discharge
  • For building intercom resettable fuse
  • In the main control room building intercom system, sub control room, to each household on a single machine, each level is to design a self-recovery fuse (pptc), PPTC mOhm resistance value level, does not affect the system normal operation
  • For security camera resettable fuse
  • WHPTC, WHSMD surveillance cameras have been widely used in over-temperature, over-current, lightning protection Which WHSMD1812 series, WH60, WH130, WH250 series can be widely used in various surveillance cameras overcurrent, overload protection
  • Interfaces for data protection resettable fuse
  • Master and all other devices have a longer distance between its electrical links interact with data, you need to pass through the data interface is connected, the current data interface using a USB port, RS232, RJ45, RS485, CAN, LAN, etc bus Interface
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