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  • The application of small transformer2013-09-26
  • Power supply with a transformer failure is mainly due to an overcurrent generated, resulting in over-current is usually due to a short circuit or load decreases; failure will cause the circuit to smoke, fire, so that damage to the circuit and interfaces
  • Audio system protection applications2013-09-26
  • Speaker system protection requirements more stringent Ordinary fuse from the speaker only disposable protective effect, the product failure rates rise; addition, extra fuse box and wires to make the manufacturer s costs
  • Chemical battery applications2013-09-26
  • Chemical battery applications more widely, the application of these elements will make the battery with more better
  • Application of the ballast2013-09-26
  • Ceramic PTC protection ballast circuit blocked, the use of new polymer PTC overload protection for electronic ballasts Polymer PTC aka PPTC, referred to as the "PTC " or "WHPTC ", "WHPTC " I was the Secretary of the "Wan " brand PTC
  • Security equipment overcurrent protection scheme2013-09-26
  • Security systems in the domestic standard is defined as SPS, while foreign is more called loss prevention and crime prevention (Loss prevention & Crime prevention) Loss Prevention is the task of the security industry
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