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  • Article source - Wondhope | Author - Administrator | Hits - | Published - 2012-10-18 09:20:00
  • On the afternoon of November 27, 2011, 4 pm However, the million Swiss volunteer team experience exchange forum "held in the the company third floor conference room, dozens of million Swiss volunteer team members from different positions, drawn from the busy post time to gather a talk about their feelings and experiences since the self to participate in volunteer activities, gives profound inspired.


      Million Swiss and volunteer team established four months since, the players were actively involved in a variety of volunteer activities of the organization by the people, so far two volunteers, small sinus and the General Manager's Office of the Chief Department of Xiao Xu, two of them have been in volunteers service activities in length has reached more than 100 hours. Especially sinus Ren repair, home case of young children in need of care, to invest most of their spare time to volunteer activities during the National Day this year, he was almost every day to participate in volunteer service. Forum, they express the same aspirations: "to help others at the same time, others happy, and I'm happy. Zhou said: "This volunteer thing, and occasionally do a very easy, but not easy to insist on doing our volunteers can continue to insist on doing so for a long time, there must be a driving force for the heart in the company, we want to carry forward this service in the spirit of the people. "

      Lo of the Finance Ministry said Tuesday: "We own spare time dedication to the community, give it away roses, hand left lingering fragrance million Swiss volunteer team today with today's results, mainly from all mutual driven. Usually we will feel own insignificance, but when our services in Shenzhen North Station, thousands of people watching us, we provide whatever services to tens of thousands of people, we are a small action, but for others, it is to help a busy, so both happy himself, but also feel that when they are great. "

      Volunteer work is not paid. Xiao Yao have come to a small young curious to ask yourself one question: "Do you volunteer is not nothing in return?" When Xiao Yao explained to him without any return, the other side still look suspect to leave, he said with emotion he just encounter so many people who volunteer in Shenzhen.

      We all feel the full confidence of the volunteers in the society. Both in Shenzhen North Station, Meilin Customs, or on other occasions, too much baggage, disoriented and do not know how to tickets need temporary care will be very reassuring to volunteers for help ... Shenzhen North Station subway gate the staff, when the case of volunteers needed out of the gate, and will no doubt open the door, and rest assured that the volunteer comes. The Wei Accounting sighed and said: "Even the police encounter do not understand the problem will be turned to volunteer help. Trusted by the people's feeling really proud. Trust is a different feeling."

      Volunteer in the process, but also allow us to learn more things, such as when dealing with foreigners can learn a little simple spoken English; own original unfamiliar places become familiar; feel "Care for the Elderly and old, children "benevolence and compassion; learned to help solve the problems of others, but also learn to solve their own problems ...

      The volunteer should also have a good attitude. Fang said, when we provide help for others, and some people experience a little trouble, in the case of other unwitting will their inner complain to vent to our volunteers who, this time, we might feel wronged. . However, if we can think of, we service for others, even if there is putting wronged, but also still have to adjust their attitude, smiling to solve the problem for other people.

      Of course, the volunteers Volunteer's Code of Conduct and limits. Such as when you give someone directions to fingers close together, not only with the index finger to guideline; help passengers not touch passengers' travel documents and notes; tickets and try not to take care of someone else's luggage; own do not know, do not know the things frankly tell each other do not know, to avoid error help ...

      4 months since the million Swiss volunteer teams outside establish the good image of the enterprise, but also played a good role in publicity. Million Swiss and volunteers in more than four months of service, the overall image of the good overall quality and state of mind, by the praise of the people volunteer team leaders. Also had outside when heard a million Swiss and company CEOs attention and support to set up their own volunteer team moved to want to join the million Swiss volunteer team.

      Weeks total, volunteer activities cultivate people's sentiments, the feelings good way, by participating in various volunteer activities can gradually improve the working style of the enterprise. To this end, the next step will be held a volunteer recognition of the General Assembly, the volunteers do a good job as a pacesetter publicity.

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