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  • 2014 Electronic Components Industry Development Forecast
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  • [REVIEW] 2014 will be relatively stable electronic components industry development - the development of broadband China, 4G licenses issued will stimulate domestic demand, led fiber optic cable and optical devices industry; addition, tablet PCs, smart phones and other new consumer electronics market the rapid development of micro-components market demand will also increase.

    November 16, 2013 , ELEXCON series of activities - organized by the Creative Age Eighth International Passive Components and Market Development Forum PCF2013 grand opening. The conference brought together Murata , TDK , EPCOS , Samsung Electro-Mechanics , Tyco, Jun Yao Electronics sunlord passive components such as first-line enterprises at home and abroad , to fully enjoy its latest products, technologies and the IT, communications , mobile , automotive , NFC , and other fields ; China electronic Components industry Association Wen Xueli , the Ministry of Electronics five Ceprei quality and safety testing center Guo Yuandong , electronics industry, famous bloggers love for Dickson , Founder Technology process Manager Huang Yong , race Sheng technology Vice general Manager Jiang Wanliang other experts also successively stage , respectively post-crisis era of industrial development , electronic component selection experience , electromagnetic compatibility , circuit protection design, conducted in-depth content sharing .
    2014 Electronic Components industry developed steadily , the automotive electronics industry concern
    After decades of development, China 's electronic components industry has become a global electronic components industry 's largest producer . According to the China Electronic Components Industry Association Information Center estimated that in 2012 China's electronic components production accounts for 68.7% of global output . China's domestic enterprises in the global share of total output value of electronic components for the global GDP ratio of about 1/3 . China Electronic Components Industry Association Wenxue Li said the eighteenth plenary continue to promote deepening reform in 2014 will be relatively stable electronic components industry development - the development of broadband China , 4G licenses issued will stimulate domestic demand, driven by fiber optic cable and optical devices industry ; addition , tablet PCs, smart phones and other new consumer electronics market is booming , miniature components market demand will increase .
    In addition to outside of the consumer electronics market , medical, industrial and automotive electronics industry development momentum should not be underestimated . With the growing demand for China's auto market , its safety , reliability and stability requirements are also increasing. Murata as an integrated leading manufacturer of electronic components in the forum 's keynote shared Murata in the automotive, industrial and medical fields of MEMS sensor applications. For automotive electronics, Murata Introducing perceive the environment through a proactive approach to protect the lives and safety of the driver sensor ! In Murata 's solution, electronic stability control system can independently control each wheel brake , thereby improving the car's handling to avoid accidents.
    TDK then introduced a new market for automotive electronics EPCOS (EPCOS) Axial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This component has a very high ripple current load and vibration resistance , and its ripple current load and compared to standard axial lead type capacitors increased by 50%. This way , you only need less parallel capacitors to meet the highest demands , not only reduces costs , but also enhances reliability . This series of axial leaded capacitors can be achieved with a single-ended capacitor ripple current load while the same volume smaller than 60%.
    Create greater security products , circuit protection technology upgrades
    Electronic products, security, reliability, circuit protection design can not be separated , with the increasing complexity of electronic products, features , circuit protection technology is also facing new challenges. In this forum , the " circuit protection " as the theme opened a symposium , invited Tyco, Jun Yao Electronics, Samsung Electronics , Founder Technology and other business experts to participate. Tyco in this forum introduced its low resistance ribbon products , PPTC low resistance chip product can effectively protect the battery from over- charging and over- current fault damage ; small package size makes installation reflow process can be used to protect devices in the PCM board , require a higher spatial dimensions to meet the needs of battery cells and supports reflow process .
    Electrostatic discharge phenomenon widely exists in electronic products , it will lead to failure of electronic components or the existence of hidden dangers , and even electronic products completely damaged . Traditional discrete surface mount components ( surge suppressors ) only 3% of the electronic products protected electronic products can not meet the requirements for ESD protection . Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Process Manager Huang Yong density describes embedding electrostatic protection circuit board manufacturing technology - the main process is embedded in the electrostatic protection of special material inside the board , which can be in the overall system for ESD protection of electronic products . Experimental results show that the electrostatic protection circuit board can be embedded in the electronic products more than 90% of the electrostatic protection .
    In his speech , the Jun Yao electronic still earlier ELEXCON on display at the GDT of the most miniaturized electronic protection parts --- B32 series of ceramic gas discharge tube size is 1206 package form, it has nS level fast response speed and low capacitance value (C ≤ 0.5pF), applicable to ITU-TK.21 surge test standards 10/700uS 4KV, IEC61000-4-5 surge testing standards 8/20uS 500A inrush current , in line with the EU RoHS standards ; it is widely used in high-speed data line protection as 10M/100M/1000M ethernet , T1/E1 port , SLIC, xDSL products, antenna products , RS485 communication interface, and other products on the waves surge protection.
    EMC faces three major challenges
    In recent years , electronic technology and communication technology, greatly contributed to the upgrading of consumer electronic products , consumer electronic products is moving portable , versatile big step forward direction . These electronic products are changing the way people live at the same time , presents more challenges for EMC . In the afternoon another sub-forum " electromagnetic compatibility " thematic discussion, from the Ministry of Electronics five Ceprei quality and safety testing center , TDK, EPCOS , sunlord , race Sheng corresponding solutions experts delivered a wonderful speech.
    Currently electromagnetic compatibility challenges include : 1, many functions, each module to achieve "compatible" ; 2, the product faster and faster processing speed , frequency increase at the same time , the emission intensity increase exponentially ; 3, the product tends to be smaller , lightweight and portable. For PCB design put forward higher requirements. In response to these challenges , the Ministry of Electronics five Ceprei quality and safety testing center presents Guo Yuandong EMC design ideas and methods , and said that future chips will have a higher degree of integration , smaller mounting area , and lower power consumption. For SoC IC, international institutions have been scanning the IC and analysis , working with mainstream chip vendors together to improve the chip meets EMC directives. In the near future , the chip EMC design expert database will form .
    Shing Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Tour vice president Jiang Wanliang "product electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Design and Analysis " in the title , focuses on typical products during the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) points to consider when designing , mainly contains the system power supply circuit , clock circuit , interface circuit, other critical circuits , product design, EMC design for the main points of the specific methods and tools for the design examples illustrate .
    In addition, sunlord Product Manager Xu Bin introduced the company through a separate chip, mobile phone SIM cards, smart SD card three kinds of vectors to achieve different contactless mobile payment solutions , and shows sunlord develop FS series ferrite tablets , NFC FPC flexible antenna , SLFA ferrite chip antenna and other products.
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