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  • Represented by resistor-capacitor passive components demand continues to expand
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  • 13-15 November 2013 , by the China Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC) organized CLP Exhibition & Information Communication Co., Ltd. (CEEIC) hosted the 82nd session of the China Electronics Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand. To new technologies, new products to create a one-stop sourcing platform for the selection of the theme of this electronic exhibition , there will be more than 1,300 enterprises to participate in , which showcases the capacitor passive components represented by nearly 200 companies , showing the trend continues to expand .
    2013 passive components industry output is expected to reach $ 21.7 billion , of which capacitor accounted for 66 %, about $ 14.4 billion . Resistor Resistor about $ 2 billion , about $ 3 billion inductor Inductor , magnetic Magnetic Component Component approximately $ 1.2 billion .
    At present , China's rapid growth in the capacitor industry has become the world's largest producer and exporter of capacitor big country , to meet the domestic demand and exports overall development needs . According to industry statistics, China has a certain scale capacitor factory has more than 600 . According to industry statistics, China's sales of 63.7 billion yuan capacitors , electronic components accounted for 4.64% sales 1.3737 trillion yuan , accounting for 24% of sales in the world , second only to Japan ( 26% ) ranks second in the world .
    Data show that China chip resistor resistor output accounted for 85% . Can be expected in the next few years , chip resistors will continue to lead the Chinese local production of resistors . In the global mobile communications, computers and peripherals, digital consumer and automotive electronics industry demand for chip resistor driven by Chinese local suppliers for these resistors is very promising , especially for small portable electronic devices resistors rising demand miniaturization resistor bright future .


    Has always been known as the China Electronics Show Electronics Fair , domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises of the latest technology and products will be on in the previous comprehensive and fully demonstrated , in particular electronic materials , electronic components, test equipment , electronic equipment as well as tools , consumer electronics products such as the end product fully representative of the current level of our country should be .
    Electronics Show has been playing the role of industry benchmark , track hot nowadays , an exhibition covering the electronics industry , electronic information industry chain in all aspects of e-business around , distributors and buyers to provide an exchange of expanding domestic demand, the parties market premium business platform. According to exhibition related personnel, the breeze from the current situation, as the representative of the capacitor passive components business is about more than 200 , compared with previous years showing a rising trend. For now, the capacitor as the representative of passive components development prospects are very large , and now the market is great to see .
     With " rainbow night " to describe today's power lithium battery industry , may be the most fitting .
    One side is affected by the haze , the state support for electric vehicles continue to overweight , power lithium battery facing rare opportunities for development. The other side is the battery life, security, and other obstacles delay breakthrough , it is difficult to meet the requirements of electric vehicles , led to loss of power lithium battery business continuity , unsustainable.
    However, when the U.S. Tesla introduced the use of nickel -cobalt-aluminum battery life of 300 to 400 kilometers of high-end electric car after letting lithium struggling domestic counterparts renewed hope .
    " The bottleneck is battery electric vehicles , battery-powered only issue is resolved, other problems can be solved ." Recently, the China Battery Industry Association, vice chairman Wang Jing Zhong said in an interview with reporters , our batteries and other primary battery industry has matured and saturated , the future development of the domestic battery industry will focus on the rechargeable battery .
    Product upgrading
    Wang Jing Zhong told reporters , the battery industry is mainly divided into four blocks : the first is a battery , including paste-type batteries, cardboard batteries, alkaline batteries and other varieties ; Second, rechargeable batteries, such as lithium ion batteries , nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries ; third lead-acid batteries , including automotive starter battery , electric bicycle batteries, industrial batteries, storage batteries ; Fourth, solar cells and fuel cells.
    "At present , the domestic battery industry output value of the whole there are about 500 billion ." Said Wang Jing Zhong , of which, once the battery market has become saturated , fully able to meet people's needs. And there are some other batteries due to their own shortcomings , can not meet the growing needs, but also is in the constant upgrading of the stage.
    For nickel-cadmium batteries, since it contains heavy metals cadmium hazards to humans and the environment , is gradually being replaced by the current product . In contrast, the nickel-metal hydride batteries do not contain heavy metals and capacity than it twice , nickel-cadmium batteries have become the best alternative .
    Lithium-ion battery capacity due to more environmentally friendly and several times higher than the nickel-metal hydride batteries , the storm this is more suitable as a power battery , battery industry will become the future direction of development .
    Wang Jing Zhong said that the lithium-ion battery cathode materials in accordance with the different can be divided into lithium cobalt oxide batteries, lithium manganese batteries, nickel- cobalt- manganese ternary material lithium iron phosphate batteries and so on.
    However, although these cells can be used to make power batteries , but if used in national key development of the automotive battery , but all their flaws exist , it is difficult to meet the demand for electric vehicles . For example, lithium iron phosphate has a long cycle life , high safety two advantages , but there is a small capacity of this fatal flaw.
    Micro motor for industrial automation, agricultural modernization, modernization of weapons and equipment , office automation, household and other fields of modern indispensable basic products, it is all over our lives . Today, the micro- motor has been widely used in aerospace industry, from the home to many other fields.
    Ours is micro motor manufacturing superpower . With China's increasing demand for micro motor , prices gradually warmed , micro motor market is out of the " winter " into the development of the " spring ." Since the " " second five "energy-saving environmental protection industry development plan " after the introduction of micro-motor industry technology independent research and development , innovation requirements become urgent and obvious. "Twelve Five " plan for micro-motor industry to accelerate the pace of integration will enable our country to achieve in the next 20 years, from the micro-motor "productive power" to "technology powerhouse " forward.
    Motor market continues to develop, then the motor companies focused on areas in which the motor market it ?
    Changzhou, Jiangsu Johnson Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiao autumn root department manager , said about the motor areas of the market this one will full coverage to be concerned , brush DC, brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors are basically more concerned . With the continuous development of the motor industry , but also attaches great importance to Johnson Electrical motor drive and control design .
    Electric motor manufacturers continue to provide solutions to corporate engineers , many engineers have been concerned about the well-known manufacturers of motor industry developments , to understand the development of the motor market . Zhejiang Wolong Household Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. R & D Center brushless DC motor drives engineer Hu Feng said , the motor industry is always concerned about doing some well-known motor vendor solutions , such as TI, ST, Roma , etc. He added , ST has certain cost advantages . Hu seems to work , perhaps a lot of companies , many of them are used as Gree TI's chips, but many companies are likely to TI's technology is also impervious to eat , and therefore, he wanted to participate in a large bit of the end of August seminar held in Hangzhou Motor 'll see how peer research driven motor drive technology is the development of understanding to what extent .
    Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Zhongbang technician Bing also said that usually more concerned about TI, ST, Vishay motor solutions. In addition , at present, the development of energy efficient motors moving , high efficiency motor technology focus .
    Hangzhou -licensing Drive Technology Co., Ltd. Center engineer Mayan Bin introduced, and now factory power supply , industrial electricity , etc. , are generally variable frequency drive , so in this regard will also focus variable frequency drive , which is also in line with current market energy-efficient development needs.
    In the interview process, the reporter found that , as science and technology and information network development , many engineers are concerned to understand multi-channel solutions for well-known manufacturers , but they also expect to see more new technologies and new class programs appears.
    Wolong Household Electrical Engineer Hu Feng told reporters : "In this industry, you want to travel often, so the business can get a lot of information exchange . Additionally, vendors will come , and their contacts can also learn a lot of information , of course, will be through website , like ST, TI 's official website , are concerned . "
    Follow through the official website known motor manufacturer , is the way most engineers would choose . Zhongbang Electrical Technology technician Bing also said , mainly through websites about these solutions, while for large bits website provides motor programs acknowledge that useful, will also participate in the upcoming big bit Hangzhou Motor Symposium . He hoped that the motor can be seen in the meeting some new solutions.
    New Ocean Electrical Group Co., Ltd. R & D Center , said electrical engineer Lei Wu Ji , more through cooperative research institute to understand motor solutions , but also hope that through the big bits motors meeting to learn more about motor -driven information .
    Learn Motor Solutions channels varied -licensing Drive Technology Engineer Mayan Bin said , primarily through sales brought back information , because the sales department to understand the relatively close to market demand.
    Whether in the motor industry or other industries , want to learn more , there are a variety of channels , of course, participate in seminars is also a good choice. And in this survival of the fittest society , in order to firmly establish themselves , or the need to constantly innovate. Only continue to emerge out of new technologies and solutions in order to ensure lasting vitality !
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