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  • In the field of consumer electronics , portable consumer products due to enter many manufacturers , users and other factors led to rapid changes in demand for a very competitive market , corporate profits dropped lower and lower , the entire supply chain, from research and development , procurement, production , stocking through to any one sales channel part of problem are likely to make a small profit elimination in the invisible . For golf badly beaten in the market vendors way of the future should do to get it ? From June this year, the "Shenzhen ( International ) integrated circuit technology innovation and application development " on the focus of attention of participants we found that the family -related industries around the wisdom or will become the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers ' next blue ocean market.
        The so-called smart home , refers to the combination of computing , network communications, sensing and control technology, the family of electrical equipment control , information exchange and even home life consumer behavior effectively combine to create a highly efficient , comfortable, safe , convenient personalized home life. At present, many traditional household appliance manufacturers have made ​​a lot of intelligent innovation , whether it is smart TV, smart fridge or smart washing machines, so there are many consumers believe smart home is nothing more than some of these features and more combinations of household appliances in fact, this is a misunderstanding . Smart home features one covers a wide range, in addition to commonly used appliances also included the lighting system, monitoring system , three metering , water heating and even switches and sockets , etc. Another feature of these appliances and the system is no longer an isolated the equipment, but you can use wireless communication between each interact with a cell phone or a computer user such as intelligent terminal equipment can be carried out each device information collection and control, when people are not at home can also be controlled remotely via WAN . Smart home industry vendors will bring tremendous business opportunities , there are institutions predict that our smart home market is expected to reach 124 billion yuan in 2015 , so some of the relevant domestic enterprises, such as security, home appliances and so on , including telecom operators competing hair force smart home market.
        From a technical level, the traditional electronics manufacturers should first focus on the interconnection between devices for product design , industrial chain of the ecosystem from the start, breaking past the closed application and development environment. In recent years, including WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth , NFC and other short-range wireless technology has become more sophisticated , as home networking equipment to achieve partial basis , such as ZigBee in lighting control, access control systems, meter reading applications , WiFi on television , air conditioners, refrigerators etc. have been obtained in large-scale applications . For device manufacturers, in addition to future product development capabilities , innovative appearance outside , what kind of communication protocols , and how the communication module integrated with the main system will also be important to consider the content.
        However, if the device has not only achieved a better Internet experience is of no significance , so device manufacturers also need to control mode and application mode and work hard, which is the traditional hardware manufacturers are also a challenge. With the move towards open systems and embedded processing capabilities, hardware and software product development has become the trend of the future , not only for the system software innovation provides a wealth of imagination and has become an important element to enhance the system value . Combined with smart phones, tablet PCs and other intelligent terminal equipment powerful control and convenience , as well as through the application store in the business model innovation can help manufacturers improve user stickiness , from selling products to selling products and services simultaneously, enhance corporate profitability.
        Integration of smart home industry, hardware upgrades, software applications and operations services and other fields , the manufacturers need to combine various types of enterprises in the industrial chain cross-border cooperation . China to promote the healthy and rapid development of the family of intelligent industry , and promote cooperation between enterprises in the PRD region the majority of electronics manufacturers to develop strategy for the future development direction of this year, on November 19 the same period in Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair will be held the first " China Smart Home Forum " the Forum will invite leaders , industry experts and leading domestic and foreign manufacturers to attend programs , focusing on smart home industry technology trends, user experience , market demand, explore the smart home industry's future needs and market opportunities , industry experts hope to work with you with the exchange, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the market !
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