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  • WHPTC selection method step
    Step 1: Determine the circuit parameters
    You need to determine the following parameters of the circuit:
    Maximum working ambient temperature
    Standard operating current
    Maximum operating voltage
    Maximum interrupt current
    Step 2: Select the circuit maximum ambient temperature and standard work the current WHPTC devices can accommodate
    Reduction ratio [holding current (A)] table and select the temperature that most closely matches the circuit maximum ambient temperature of the ambient temperature (℃). Browse bar to access equal to or greater than the value of the standard operating current of the circuit. Now see the row of the left-most access to the most suitable for the circuit device family.
    Step 3: The selected device's maximum electrical rating and circuit maximum working voltage and current interrupted compare
    Electrical Characteristics table to verify whether the selected parts will be used in Step 2 to the maximum operating voltage of the circuit and interrupt current. Consult the device operating voltage (Vmax) and maximum interrupt current (Imax). Make sure that the Vmax and Imax is greater than or equal to the maximum working voltage of the circuit and the maximum interruption current.
    Step 4: Determine the action time
    The operation time is the amount of time when the fault current through the device when this device is switched to the high resistance state. In order to provide the expected protection function, a clear WHPTC device operation time is very important. If you select the device action too quickly, there may appear abnormal operation or malfunction. If the device action is too slow, before the device action and limit the current protection devices may be damaged.
    Time curve at 25 ℃ typical action operation time characteristics of the expected fault current decided that WHPTC devices can accept, if you can not, go back to Step 2 to select another alternative devices.
    Step 5: Verification Environment Operating Temperature
    Ensure that the application of the minimum and maximum ambient temperature in the WHPTC device operating temperature range. The most WHPTC devices operating temperature range between -40 ℃ to 85 ℃, will reach 125 ° C in some special cases.
    Step 6: Dimensions verify WHPTC devices
    Dimensions table to compare Dimensions and applications of the of your choice WHPTC device space conditions.
     Discount rate of ambient temperature and current

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