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    Creating superior value for customers and customer success, thus contributing to the success of customers and the progress of social civilization.

    Corporate core values

    Customer first: value for customers, creating and retention needs of users is the only reason for existence of the business.

    Results of the first: the value reflected by the results, not the result of activity is a waste of resources.
    Serious and responsible: serious to be the best, that is uncompromised responsible to complete their work, as, dare to play.
    Dedication to win: Dedication makes sense only win continued success.

    Business goals

    Our corporate goal is - to become the world's most valuable company.
    Down to earth, hard work ahead, unity and dedication, never give up.
    Enterprise development strategy
    A variety of business strategy: Investment and Industrial simultaneously generate stable profits
    Innovation Strategy: Innovation generate high profits
    Competitive Strategy: Only competition can exercise a team

    Business concept
    Customer first, profit second
    Continue to provide customers with greater value than your opponent, allow customers to generate dependency
    A variety of operating, maintaining profitability
    Both investment and Industry

    Management philosophy
    The manager is responsible for 100% of subordinates error
    Achievement of the goals is to measure the value of the sole criterion
    Internal market, the cost of all
    Enterprise retaining only assets, liabilities eliminated
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