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    CQC Description:
      CQC is representative of China's accession to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC product qualification testing and certification organization (IECEE) Multilateral Recognition (CB) system, national accreditation body (NCB), CQC with many well-known international mutual recognition of certification bodies for international business and extensive international exchanges so CQC won a good international image.
      CQC and its branches are located in China and abroad to carry out certification work earlier certification authority , has accumulated a wealth of certification decades of experience in the business have achieved outstanding results . Currently , CQC at home and abroad a total of 45 branches and more than 200 contract testing laboratories , and with 22 foreign certification bodies certification signed cooperation agreements with more than 7300 of the professional full-time , part-time auditors, inspectors and technical experts , also has a strong teaching force . Comprehensive network of services , to provide customers with timely, thoughtful, high-quality service .
    The role of CQC certification
      CQC mark certification is carried out by the China Quality Certification Center voluntary product certification business on one of the ways Gasch CQC mark indicates compliance with the relevant quality , safety , performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements, certification scope covers machinery and equipment, electrical equipment , electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials and other 500 kinds of products. CQC mark certification focus on safety, electromagnetic compatibility , performance, hazardous substances (RoHS) and other products directly reflect the quality and impact of consumers' personal and property safety indicators , designed to safeguard the interests of consumers and promoting improve product quality, enhance domestic enterprises international competitiveness.
    CQC certification process:
      CQC certification is divided into six phases: product certification , product type testing, factory quality assurance ability assessment , evaluation of certification results and approval of certification, product certification mark to purchase and use , follow-up inspection . Each process must go through a rigorous certification bodies audit .
      Million Swiss and electronics companies, in order to control product quality and safety assurance to customers that the quality of products and the company's 2007 series of self-recovery fuse on wh250 CQC product certification bodies to submit applications for accreditation, and passed CQC certification , which indicates Wan Swiss and companies specializing in the production of their own self-recovery fuse wh250 series of related products meet the product quality, safety , performance and other related certification requirements. Companies with quality to customers in order to ensure and continuously improve product quality and customer better returns .



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