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  •    CE certification of EU laws related products proposed a mandatory requirement CE certified products can also be called into the EU countries and the European Free Trade Association countries, the market permits . Any provision ( New Approach Directives involved ) products on the market to achieve the free movement in the EU , whether EU or countries outside the EU products in the EU market prior to listing must comply with Directive and the relevant harmonized standards, and affix the CE mark.

     My company in order to achieve self- resettable fuse products are exported to the EU countries , to achieve the purpose of selling products of globalization and help customers reduce their exports and reducing the hassle of certification certification increased product costs. Million Swiss and electronics companies resettable fuse CE product certification bodies to submit the applications for accreditation . After a rigorous review of our company resettable fuse products fully comply with CE certification standards and successfully passed the certification. That is my company's self-recovery fuse products have gained access to the EU market permits need to use my company's products to customers resettable fuse is no need for our products can enter the EU country concerned . CE certification for our company PPTC ( polymeric aggregation switch ) products to increase market competitiveness and sales market.


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