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  • Outstanding volunteers in recognition of the General Assembly
  • Article source - Wondhope | Author - Administrator | Hits - | Published - 2012-12-05 09:20:00
  • On the afternoon of November 30, 2012, million Swiss and electronic outstanding volunteers "in recognition of the General Assembly held in the the company third floor conference room, the million Swiss Volunteer Team was established four months since commended the General Assembly for the first time.

      Awards ceremony, by the General Manager's Office ginger sister to briefly million Swiss origin and volunteer team, recent activities, the achievements made by the social praise, followed by two outstanding volunteers - General Manager's Office Mr Xu and Administration Department Mr. Dou published volunteer's deep feelings, after weeks of total gave a profound speech: "Chairman Mao said, a person to do a good thing is not difficult, difficult life doing good thanks to the two comrades with their own behavior really practice these words of Chairman Mao's, set an example and benchmark for us! I thought, these two comrades who, in million Swiss volunteer team players' body, see share good thoughts in the hearts of each of us, this good-hearted good side, especially in today's society is commendable. hopes this kindness good thoughts in our company, continued to flourish in this soil. especially hope to able to devote more comrades come to this work, in which the happy experience dedication, helpfulness happy, to experience the kind of self-esteem and pride happy life for others dedication. weeks total initiative: subsequent wish to join this work comrades to the administrative department to enroll more people to this career to flourish, so that this spirit will always be in the company to the community passed continuously, flourish!
      Finally, the week the total awarded to two outstanding volunteers Honor, the photo outstanding volunteers and weeks total, million Swiss and all the team members of the volunteer team also posed for pictures on the field.
      We believe, take the lead by two outstanding volunteers the the million Swiss electronic volunteer team players will be more enthusiasm into the people and even Shenzhen volunteer activities to help more people, this kindness The good side, widely disseminated.
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