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  • Chinese electronic components different stages of development
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  • Development and characteristics of electronic components based retrieval, the development of components common formulation is : Electronic Component development stage has gone to the core of the classic tube era electronic components , semiconductor discrete devices to the miniaturization of electronics as the core element device times , has now entered the high frequency and high speed processing core of microelectronic components integrated circuit era , as shown in Table 1 .
    Microelectronic components , including integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits , chip and flat components and electromechanical components , chip semiconductor discrete devices. Refers to the use of micro- fine circuit technology , with the degree of circuit integration and complexity of the substantial increase in width and the use of increasingly fine copper wire , the base frequency and the processing speed is greatly improved , which in the electronic circuit other components bound to have peripheral speed corresponding to the processing speed , to complete the function assumed . Therefore, through the entire equipment and systems to analyze the development of components .
    Stage of development of the electronic components division was proposed in 2001 , but in recent years, electronic technology and electronics industry has developed rapidly, new technologies, new products continue to emerge , especially in intelligent products and systems are becoming increasingly popular, intelligent age has arrived , while the breakthrough of quantum technology , information technology has the potential to enter the " quantum era"
    Time has come to look intelligent around us , we can find , intelligent home electronics and appliances, such as smart TV , electric stove, electric water heaters , etc. ; intelligent terminals such as mobile phones, watches and other terminal , intelligent automotive electronics and intelligent public transportation system, the general trend of its development as the core of the information is intelligent , systematic and networking.
    These changes can also constitute a block diagram of intelligent devices and systems to analyze the new requirements of electronic components :
    1 ) command and control system embedded processor chip , high-speed , high-capacity integrated circuits, computer chips have infiltrated into various systems and products . The whole machine adopts dual-core, quad-core , eight -core and even more chips in parallel computing to accelerate the rate of intelligent processing .
    2 ) information collection system will be represented by a variety of sensor information into electrical signals and processed. Sensor technology is a remarkable rapid development of today's world of high-tech it is one of the development of modern science and technology is an important sign that the communication technology , computer technology constitute the three pillars of the information industry .
    If the computer is the expansion of the human brain , then the sensor is an extension of the human senses , when the integrated circuit , the rapid development of computer technology , people gradually realized the information was not kept pace intake device sensor development of information technology and exclaimed, " well-developed brain , facial not working.
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